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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

We at GROVE LEGAL CHAMBERS advise on high value, multi-jurisdictional disputes in litigation. We deal with complex issues relating to all civil matters, including anti-suit injunctions and jurisdictional and governing law disputes. We have significant experience dealing with disputes arising out of all types of commercial transactions.

We have exceptional reputation for commercial litigation practice and we are renowned for the expertise in this area. We possess strength in depth across all areas of commercial law. We act in cases whenever clients require the best representation possible in a commercial dispute. We aim to ensure the cost-effective resolution of commercial disputes. We are skilled in providing informed, practical, and commercial advice on the whole range of dispute resolution issues, from advice on the legal merits of a claim, to devising appropriate settlement strategies, to preparation and presentation at trial or appeal.

We have extensive experience of advisory work and dispute resolution across this important practice area. Our commercially-focused practice spans contract law and civil wrongs, and includes managing the consequences of ancillary regulatory and criminal proceedings, and any associated breaches of consumer law. We offer our clients excellence in advocacy and legal advice.

Our areas of civil litigation include but not limited to the following:

  • Contractual dispute.
  • Business/commercial disputes.
  • Building disputes.
  • Land and property disputes.
  • Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury.
  • Professional negligence.
  • Employment/Labour disputes.
  • Company Law disputes (Shareholder disputes, Director’s duties, etc)
  • Banking disputes
  • Intellectual Property (IP) disputes.

General Civil appeals, and All civil litigation and related disputes.

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